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Cyber Security Awareness On How To Stop, Phishing, Social Media, Attacks
Organizations spend countless sums each year to secure their data and reputation,
but even the strongest tools cannot overcome the weakest link: the user.
Sophisticated social engineering renders users vulnerable to phishing attacks,
susceptible to ransomware, and at risk of violating regulatory compliance requirements.
Fortunately, users can become a strong first line of defense through security awareness.
Enable yourself and employees to think critically, question communications
that don’t seem right, and in general improve your overall security posture


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Introduction To Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing 101 – 6pm
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Presented by Google Coach Vicente Pimienta
Google Digital Coach, Adecco Staffing at Google – As a Google Digital Coach I am able to play an important role
in a Google Pilot Program designed to breach the digital divide of the minorities and under represented communities

The Google Digital Marketing workshops are designed for businesses that are beginning to create
their online presence and learning to use Google products to grow their business online.
Participants will learn how to reach new customers online and grow their business using Google’s online
advertising platform aka Google AdWords. The workshop will provide an overview of the basics of Google AdWords,
creating your first online ad, and teach you how to measure your online advertising performance.

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