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Biz To Biz Networking
Biz To Biz has been my go to group to networking with quality business professionals for over a decade.  I have created friendships and alliances that have lasted over the years, ultimately creating an abundance of referrals.  Thank you, Harry for organizing such fabulous events!

Tina Dudley
Sapphire Clean Corp


Biz To Biz Networking
We have been attending the Biz To Biz Networking events for four plus years and have meet many nice and interesting individuals . Harry Baum does a great job of organizing and selecting choice locations which makes each meeting unique! You can grow your network with Biz To Biz Networking.

Biz To Biz Networking
I meet Harry Baum over 17 years ago at one of his Biz To Biz Networking
events.  The fact that he's still doing these & growing the locations is a
testimonial to the success of his business.  I still attend the events
because this allows me to meet new potential clients face to face and
they are very enjoyable events!

Biz To Biz Networking
I have been attending Biz to Biz events for 3 years. I have made great business connections and have met wonderful friends. I also met Jeremy Colon, a Real Estate Investor in February 2013. We started doing business together immediately and then we began attended networking events together. In July we began dating and we now live together, which is a big deal since I have always lived alone! In networking, you get what you put into it. I have forged many great relationships through Biz to Biz and the greatest one with Jeremy!
Biz To Biz Networking
I wanted to share a  Biz to Biz Networking success story.
At the last Capital Grille event in Lauderdale I stayed
after the networking event and had dinner. During dinner the
waiter asked what I did as a job, I said I was a Realtor. He
took my card and called me a few days later. He is now the
owner of a great townhome in Fort Lauderdale. Thanks
for the opportunity Biz to Biz Networking provided!

Biz To Biz Networking
Two weeks ago I met Stephanie at your networking event at Chima's.  She mention that she has been looking for a place in Ft Lauderdale but couldn't find any.  Within few days we got in contact and I helped her to find a nice condo right in Downtown Ft Lauderdale and ready to move within two weeks.  Thanks!
Mayra Nieves, Realtor BHG