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Main Stage – Flamingo Room | Third Floor
Starting at 4pm

Strategies to Super Charge Your Business for Success
Evan Piper is a Motivational and Inspirational Speaker, delivering keynote speeches,
presenting workshops, special sessions, professional and personal coaching and training also facilitating mastermind groups.
In 2001, Evan was involved in a small airplane accident that caused him to end up being a full time wheelchair user.
His story talks about his life, the setback of his accident and how he was able to regain his life and actually excel to another level.
Evan is a powerful and inspirational speaker. 
Evan is also very active in Civic and Charitable Organizations.
He currently is the President of the North Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce.  Evan served as interim City Commissioner at the city of North Miami Beach.
He participates on the Board of Camillus House among other organizations.

Monetize Your Passion
Learn : How to Turn Passion into Profit and Much More!
Eric will Share how he has generated Millions of Dollars Using Celebrity Branding and Marketing for Him and His Clients
Eric Stoller has produced over 500 live seminars with attendees from 100 to 2000 attendees. These events have featured some of the leading experts in the areas of Personal Development, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Wally Amos, Denis Waitley, to name a few. His unique perspective as a top producer, manager of elite sales organizations, and as an owner of multiple businesses gives us proven and powerful sales strategies to increase our results. As a speaker, Eric has done over 8,500 meetings to over 3,000 different companies, while training over 500,000 sales professionals over the last 21 years. Eric is the President of Champion Mindset, LLC, as well as the founder of the Les Brown Institute and has consulted with hundreds of companies on developing seminars and conferences.


Become Debt Free in 9 Years Including Your Mortgage Without Spending More
Mark Sher is a Registered Financial Consultant; he graduated with a degree in business from the University of Miami. Mr. Sher has over 15 years of experience helping clients with the creation, preservation and the distribution of wealth utilizing specific financial, insurance, and tax-efficiency strategies.

Why Mindfulness Matters…What Are You Paying Attention To
Suzanne Jewell, The Mindful Entrepreneur, hosts Mindful Mornings Miami, founded VentureWomen Conscious Connection events and teaches mindfulness, attention training and emotional intelligence in South Florida. Mindfulness actually saved here life.  A recovering perfectionist and global TV executive, Jewell lived the adrenaline addicted “always on” life of achievement at all costs. Converting near tragedy to triumph in an unconventional way, Jewell learned how to focus her attention with purpose through mindfulness and she healed her autopilot way of life. She now trains at Miami Dade College, teaches at The Sacred Space, is a start-up coach with Babson College’s Women Innovation (WIN) Lab and leads one of South Florida’s most innovative female leadership gatherings called VentureWomen.



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