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5PM   Mark Sher

Mark Sher is a Registered Financial Consultant; he graduated with a degree in business from the University of Miami. Mr. Sher has over 15 years of experience helping clients with the creation, preservation and the distribution of wealth utilizing specific financial, insurance, and tax-efficiency strategies. Mark is a highly regarded speaker on the subject of Financial Literacy; he has recently spoken at the Las Vegas Money Show and was a keynote speaker at the Credit-Con conference this past April.
Mark will show you “How to become Debt free in 9 years and how making simple changes in your personal and business life will help you reach your financial goals that much faster


Dr Renzulli brings decades of expert knowledge and experience in helping literally thousands of entrepreneurs, physicians, wellness centers, spas etc. offer their clients  effective body contouring and weight loss solutions.  He has guided countless owners through his “Business in a Box” turnkey business formula. This proven recipe for success has given patients outstanding clinical results while offering business owners an impressive Return on Investment (ROI). Additionally Dr Renzulli is an expert consultant in Regenerative Medicine therapy including Stem Cell & Exosome therapy for pain, aesthetics and Life Extension Medicine


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